PJ-1937 Wide Format Printer
  • Developed specifically for wide format printing

    v  Exceptional brilliant print quality

    v  Standard three EPSON i3200 print heads

    v  3200 nozzles per head, total 9600 nozzles

    v  Independent cleaning station for each print head

    v  Consistent performance with steel beam & rail

    v  Compact press wheel ensure smoother paper feeding

    v  Special designed plastic platform to prevent paper creasing

    v  Longitudinal Ink Squeegee proving better protection of print head

    v  Unique smoke purification system to improve workshop environment

  • v  Fashions

    v  T-shirts

    v  Sportswear

    v  Home textiles

    v  Home Furnishing

    v  Banner & Advertising

    v  All kinds of signage products

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